“In “Barrack,” Didem Erbaş explores the perception of transforming space in a to a new and creative way over an individual’s potential to change the environment that she lives in. While the installation within the exhibition tries to visualize the perception of sheltering phenomenon where it was constructed due to a number of reasons, such as climate, sheltering and security; the installation also prompts the audience to engage in questioning the basic needs of humanity. Psychogeography, bringing together the values of being drifted around the cities and the nomadic world, forms theoretical foundations of this “daylong” spatial experience.

This is a story of making one’s way… It harbours plenty of routes and questions within. It is possible to visualize these routes and travel stories in the artist’s paintings. Yet, within these routes you will find questions such as: Which routes are we looking at? Are these internal routes? Or are they external routes? Are they random? Or are they planned? What’s is the purpose of this journey? Is it to reach a target? Or is it the ability to move away from reality without having any purpose? The exhibition leaves alone its visitors with such questions and invites them to explore the site-specific venue of the exhibition while pointing out that each and every visitor will map out their own route.”

Fırat Arapoğlu

Wood, Onduline Roof Sheets, Awling, 140x180x230cm, 2018

Photographer: Rıdvan Bayrakoğlu