Roof, 2018, Public Intervention, 4. Mardin Biennial

“The sense of infinity lies within us. It depends mostly on the expansion of a kind of creature that is slowed down by life, brought to a halt by being cautious, but which revives once we are left to our own devices. We are transported to a completely different place once we remain still; we begin dreaming in an infinite world.” *

Roof is the projection of roads I travel on; places I stop by in geography that I am not acquainted with. During my stay in Mardin, as I am looking onto the city from where I am, register the “infinite” landscape by following the trail of the topographic scenery created by the intervention of the inhabitants on rooftops, in line with geographical conditions I draw and follow my own limits. Somehow, I always end up in the same place. In this circle, I try to leave a mark- within my own limits – on the surrounding geography.

Each intervention I make on the rooftops- the limits of persons/ on their private property- will eventually be aimed at questioning the concept itself on the limits- geography (of a particular geographical space/region) which will become functional within the framework of the relationship I am trying to establish with them.

Didem Erbaş, Roof, Public Intervention, 2018, Mezopotamya Aile Çay Bahçesi

 Marangozlar Kahvesi (I) (Fotoğraf: Yaren Akbal)

Marangozlar Kahvesi (II)