In my practice, I work with installation, site-specific installation/intervention, paintings, drawings and video.In my works, I am interested in socio-politic issues in my living geography – Turkey.   Geography, housing, tracing and transforming the space are the topics in general that I focus on. Throughout my artistic practice, I have been trying to make associations between my paintings and the objects I made or I found. Rather than using solely the two dimensional surface of the paintings, I tried to activate the three dimensional space using the sculptural qualities of certain objects,together with the potential memory objects may carry.

Born in 1985. Lives and works in Istanbul.




2017, MA with thesis, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design, Sabanci University, (Thesis Supervisor: Erdağ Aksel)

2012, BFA, Painting, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

2013, Useful Art with Tania Bruguera, Salzburg Summer Academy 

Solo Exhibitions

2018, Barrack, Simbart Projects, Tomtom Kırmızı, Istanbul (Pop- up Exhibition curated by Fırat Arapoğlu)

2017, Geographies I have not lived in, FASS Art Gallery, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (Graduation Exhibition)

2015, Quest for the Lost Time, Krug Art Movement, Bulgaria

2015, The Imagined Silence, Hush Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Group Exhibitions

2021, Mecmu, Barın Han, Istanbul, Turkey (organized by Atış Serbest) 

2021, Fluid Dynamics, Versus Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey (curated by Özge Yılmaz)

2021, Of Paper, Ferda Art Platform, Istanbul, Turkey (curated by Selin Akın)

2020, Sensitive Intervention, Kıraathane Istanbul, Turkey (curated by Ahmet Ergenç) 

2020, Changing Perspective, Istanbul, Turkey (curated by Fırat Arapoğlu)

2020, Photography in Days of Pandemic, Istanbul Modern, Turkey 

2020, Up Above was fog, down below was a cloud of dust, Depo Istanbul, Turkey (Coordinator: Aysu Arıcan)

2020, Bir’Ara’da, Kova Art Space, Ankara, Turkey 

2019, The Evil That Men Do, Tüyap Artist Art Fair (Curated by Fırat Arapoğlu)

2019, Winter is Coming, Mebusan 25, Istanbul, Turkey (Orginized by Merdive Art Space, Curated by Hakan Çarmıklı) 

2019, Orthopaedics, Poşe Open Space, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Efe Levent)
2019, The Festival of Insignificance, Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Bahar Güneş and Öykü Demirci)
2019, UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham, England
(Organization: UK Young Artists & BJCEM, Supported by Kasa Gallery, Selection Committee: Selim Birsel, Erdağ Aksel and Derya Yücel)

2018, Spider’s Web, Iküsag (Istanbul Kültür University), Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Fırat Arapoğlu)

2018, Beyond Words, 4th Mardin Biennial, Mardin, Turkey
2018, Remote Memory, Abud Efendi Konağı, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Yaren Akbal)

2018, The Animal Side, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Ahmet Ergenç)

2018, Unerlöst, Corpus G, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Çağrı Saray)

2017, 450 km, Erimtan Museum, Ankara, Turkey (Organized by Yasemin Bay)
2017, Tactical State, Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey
2017, Letter from Istanbul, Pi Artworks, London, England (Curated by Morgan Quaintance)
2017, Urban Obscura, Siyah- Beyaz Gallery, Ankara, Turkey (Curated by Ayşin Zoe Güneş)
2017, Second Nature, Circuit Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Yonca Keremoğlu)
2017, Utilitarian e orts, non- utilitarian works, Mars Istanbul, Turkey (Organized by Merve Ünsal & Naz Kocadere)

2017, I and You, 5533, İMÇ, Unkapanı, Istanbul, Turkey (Organized by Merve Ünsal and Nancy Atakan)

2016, Artist Room, Tomtom Gardens, Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Yasemin Bay)
2016, man Reiche mir TROST // Give me SOLACE, Schau Fenster, Berlin, Germany (Curated by Saralisa Volm)

2015, Studies on Photobook, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey (Organized by Murat Germen)
2015, Demolition (with UZ Collective), Istanbul, Turkey
2015, Multiple Choice, Daire Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2015, ArtRooms London, International Contemporary Art Fair, Melia White House Hotel, London, England (Curated by Ruşen Aktaş, Art-shift)

2015, Pardon Which Floor, Take it or Leave it, Merkür Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Mergüze Günay & Melike Bayık)

2014, Familiar Discomforts, Galeri Artist Çukurcuma, Istanbul, Turkey
2013, Memories of the Forgotten, Adahan Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Ruşen Aktaş)

2010, Herd (with Kolektif Group), 20. Artist Tüyap International Art Fair Istanbul, Turkey


2016, Residue, (collaboration with Eren Sulamacı) Borders, Orbits 18, Siemens, Depo Istanbul, Turkey (Curated by Mürteza Fidan & Melih Görgün)
2016, Self- Doubt Performance Series (part of Merve Ünsal’s Project) with Eren Sulamacı, Mars Istanbul

2016, Collaboration on Site, PASAJist, Istanbul, Turkey

2014, Discussion about Useful Art (part of Merve Ünsal’s project), 5533, İMÇ, Istanbul, Turkey

Award & Scholarship

2014-2016, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design with a full scholarship, Sabanci University

2016, Residue (collaboration with Eren Sulamacı) Borders, Orbits 18, Siemens Award

Work Experience

2017-2019, Major Works of Modern Art, Teaching Assistant, Sabancı University

2014-2015, Visual Language, Erdağ Aksel, TA, Sabancı University
2014-2016, Language of Drawing, Wieslaw Zaremba, TA, Sabancı University