The Crust

The crust is a projection of the trail I follow on the geography I live in. It is the reflection of a dream and in the reality of the changes that have happened on the road, mud, water, and earth. By the sanctions of nature, the trails that can change even after a day look just like in the story of Hansel and Gretel of Grimm Brothers. The annihilation of the breadcrumbs that were eaten by the birds that two siblings left on the ground to find their way back home. The annihilation of breadcrumbs causes the lost siblings to find themselves in the house of the evil-minded witch. The borderlines I have created may be destroyed on the way by the rain or may help me to find my way back. The Crust is the crowd of borderlines in which I will find my way or lose it.

The Crust,Charcoal on paper, 2018