Scattering to the birds

Inspired by the view of the Barin Han, takes its name from the “Charnel Ground” a ritual specific to certain Tibetan groups. Scattering to the Birdstakes advantage of the view that we see from the terrace. The service building of  the Köprülü Madrasa, which currently functions as the “Kubbealtı Academy Culture and Art Foundation”, covers almost the entire landscape from the terrace. 

One of these domes is represented as a black semi- sphere in the space, and the intervention made to the place seen from inside the dome creates a visual where the raised material and the glasses  complement each other. Where are we in this view of the landscape, when only birds and drones see from a bird’s eye view?

While we watch the landscape of the ‘domes’, we get involved  in the view of those watching from above. Scattering to the Birdsaims to examine the view from above through the relationship of power and surveillance. (translation: Merve Ünsal)

2021, Installation. Fiberglass, alüminyum folyo, marley, vitray camı ve video  | Fiberglass, aluminum foil , vinyl floor piece, glass and video.