Surveillance and Patch

Surveillance and Patch is an intervention in an old building that will destroy soon because of gentrification. I covered the floor with a very old material which I remember that my grandmother used it for covering her cupboard or tables and a very well-known material which is used in the 90s.(Adhesive foil: the aim is to show the object beautiful which becomes a kitsch object in this time)

When I first visited the place, the flooring caught my attention. The people living there before, all created the ground with different materials. I covered the second layer with adhesive foil and carpet.
When I was making the overlay, I placed each frame thinking like I was doing an abstract painting. I did some sketches before covering the floor to make sure which color/texture can be next to each other.

‘Surveillance’ that I put in the corner of a space, visitors can enter that space and look from the little window looks like a prison cell. The work aims to question: do we have been watched or are we watching?

Site-specific Installation, 2019