Ceiling Bunker

Ceiling Bunker

Site-specific Installation, Led neon light, aluminum platform, pencil on paper, 2x2x2x2 m, 2020

Ceiling Bunker is the result of sketches I made based on the Bunker Archeology (Paul Virilio) and inspired by Robert Haddeciyan’s book Ceiling. In the book Ceiling by Rober Haddeciyan, a bedridden patient keeps a diary of a life he has fictionalized on his ceiling. The character in the book understands the events happening in the hospital by following the shadows reflected from the lights in the corridor to the ceiling. Ceiling Bunker is positioned under the secondary beam on the ceiling in one of Depo Istanbul’ rooms, framed with light and hung from the ceiling. Contrary to concepts such as shelter, hiding and protection, it remains unprotected and dysfunctional. Depo Istanbul is located in a former tobacco warehouse in Tophane, Istanbul. Until the 1950s the building was used as a warehouse and now it is a place hosts exhibitions that deal with social and political issues. Osman Kavala, the founder of Depo Istanbul, is currently imprisoned for political reasons.

Led neon light, aluminum platform, 2x2x2x2 m, 2020

Pencil and ink on handmade paper, 2020

Photographer: Kayhan Kaygusuz