Glow in the Dark


Pipes take shape according to the architectural structure. Some of them go out of the building and become part of the street. At the same time, it becomes a part of the lanscape and the view. It gushes out of the debris and rubble and again joins the view of the landscape. It becomes an object that we encounter a lot in everyday life.

Paper and Pulp

Paper is part of nature. When you cut, wet and knead it, it transforms again and turns into paper from the dough. It has a structure that transforms within itself.

Artificial Green Light 

In the landscape, under the trees, an artificial light illuminates the tree. At night, wherever I walk, that light illuminates the trees. The green tree is brought back to life with green artificial light again.

The union of handmade paper and coal 

The papers turned into paper again. Willow branches turned into charcoal pens. The traces of the roads I walked, took place on the paper.


A view from the village of Silivri Seymen on 3 July. A few days ago, rain waters surrounded the fields of wheat and sunflower, and the rainwaters became a home for tadpoles. Nature destroying and transformed itself and existed again.

Site-specific installation, paper pipe, paper pulp, led spot light, caharcoal on paper and video, 2020-2021