The notion of “uncanny” (unheimlich) referring to eeriness of the once familiar, as employed by Sigmund Freud, serves as a guide for the work to explore the living conditions of immigrants and the homeless in Istanbul. The artist uses the necessity of sheltering in precarious and temporary structures, not being able to meet fundamental needs, and other such elements from the experiences of this group of people to present the tunnel-shelter model. The skin-colored silicone molds of pipe pieces are reminiscent of body pieces, pointing to the tension between inclining and refraining to touch. This tension also provides a way to follow the traces of the attempts to create temporary spaces in the city. The urban spaces where such structures are constructed are pointed to using the florescent lamp as the light source for the work and the sound installation.

Metal construction, silicone mold, sound installation (sound of waves), florescent lamp, PVC transparent awning
© (Murat Germen), Photo © Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum