One Down, One Up

“I am a breathless pedestrian on the streets whose names consistently change, where children can no longer play hide-and-seek, the only one-way sidewalks where people go faster than cars.”

“I am in the city in which that blue and green could not be considered without yellow once upon a time; and cannot be thought red and dark blue without yellow now, I across the continents over the bridges from the blind country to the sunken places, cholera, hunger, torture- for centuries; we get used hidden our acquaintances on our gentle mood, in the fireworks festivities those makes the darkness of our world city to the tales, in our soughing tunes.”*

Being witnessing the change of the city day by day in our imagination, having the situation that one of the constructions starts before the other ends, an enclosed city is being created, on the one hand, this visually imposes the limit of imagining the way of perceiving the appearance on the other hand. Every time I look at a barrier, I see that even a house object is being used as a barrier, the confidentially of an enclosed building and the curiosity of that place are some of the issues that attract me. How far can the barriers enclose around us? How far can we limit existing areas in their environment?

*Gündüz Vassaf, Mourning to My Own City, p.175-176, Kent ve Kültürü, Cogito, YKY


Exhibition view, Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara,Turkey